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At Ron's Guitar Tuition, Glenrothes there are various formats for guitar lessons available, and in recent years online learning has become very popular. I use four different lesson formats to suit the needs of the student. Get in touch to book a lesson: Your first introductory lesson is free! (£10 refundable deposit required. Contact me for full terms).

Sheet Music and Guitar


  • Online - Via Zoom. Suitable for those with travel limitations and those self-isolating due to Covid-19. Limited due to delayed interactions between student and teacher, depending on the quality of your connection.

  • 1-2-1 - Suitable for all students, and the most common approach. Allows greater focus on individual improvement and details of your particular style and current skill level.

  • Group classes - I have watched students achieve incredible results from group lessons; from watching students develop objectivity, to learning from each other and monitoring their own progress. Group classes have many more benefits that are not available through private lessons and as a result allows students to feel a part of a community.

  • Teacher-led practice - Practice in a group setting, following the lead of the tutor.


A one-to-one introduction session and a 10-week programme will kick start those new or new to playing the guitar. This training programme will only run four times yearly, twice for adults and twice for young adults depending on demand. If you miss this opportunity, it will be six months before the opportunity to attend again for your age group.

These ten weeks will boost your guitar playing from the start and allow you to transition smoothly into regular group classes.

​During the programme, you learn: 

  • Twelve beginners songs to develop technique

  • Six Famous pieces to play along with

  • How to strum

  • The first Twelve most common chords for playing most songs


​In addition, you learn: 

  • How to play along with music

  • How to practice chords

  • Training exercises to build your finger control

  • How to practice and get more results for less time

  • How to train “Muscle Memory.”

  • Keeping time

  • Using a metronome

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Guitar Lessons


Group classes are a fantastic way of learning the guitar. Although one-to-one lessons are focused on you and move at your pace, this also slows your learning rate. In the group format, the lessons are cheaper, more fun, give a sense of friendly competition, broaden your music horizons, and give you a better idea of how you are progressing.


There is a significant increase in learning from hearing the answers to different questions you may not have asked and seeing how others overcome the hurdles that are holding you back.

The standard classes are in two formats, learning and training. The learning classes are split between electric and acoustic guitar types and appropriate age groups.

The training class is for adults, is suitable for acoustic and electric guitars, and is only available to my current students at a discounted rate. Currently, I run a training class for rhythm skills, as this is one of the essential parts of becoming a musician that most struggle with.

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